Great Britain
Date of Birth16/02/1999 - Chelmsford (GBR)
Height178 cm/5'10"
Preliminary Round Group AGreeceGRE 20 - 2 GBRGreat Britain
Preliminary Round Group AGreat Britain GBR 8 - 10 GERGermany
Preliminary Round Group ANetherlandsNED 19 - 6 GBRGreat Britain
Preliminary Round Group AGreat BritainGBR 13 - 9 ISRIsrael
Preliminary Round Group AHungaryHUN 16 - 4 GBRGreat Britain
Quarterfinal 7-12Great Britain GBR 3 - 11 SRBSerbia
Classification 11-12Great BritainGBR 10 - 5 ISRIsrael


School, universityGreat Baddow High School, Chelmsford, Essex
Started competing-
Language(s) spokenEnglish, German
Club nameChelmsford Swimming Club, Chelmsford, Essex
CoachDean Walker, Neil Hawes

Disney enthusiast, jewellery making, watching films and TV (Silent Witness, Friends, 24)

Most memorable performance

Getting a bronze medal after drawing the match, but winning on penalties at the Water Polo National Age Groups competition, Manchester in April 2014.

Additional information / What would you like people to know about you?

I loved swimming, competed at national level at the age of 11, but got bored with all the endless lengths. I wanted to continue with another aquatic sport and opted for water polo following a trial with the water polo section of my swimming club. I took to it instantly and have thoroughly enjoyed playing at all levels, from grass roots through to international. Train four or five training sessions plus matches as and when they are scheduled (approximately nine–11 hours a week including strength and conditioning plus matches). My superstition is to cross my fingers during penalties. I am most proud of singing the national anthem three times whilst taking part in the 4 Nations Water Polo Tournament in Germany in August 2014. I don’t really have a hero, but I do admire elite athletes like Rosie MORRIS (GBR) and Rebecca ADLINGTON (GBR). If I wasn't an athlete, I'd want to be a forensic pathologist or something in the medical profession. My favourite food is Nutella chocolate spread.

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