Great Britain
Date of Birth20/04/1997 - FRIMLEY (GBR)
Height160 cm/5'3"
Teams Qualification Free Routine75.1000 (10)
Free Combination Qualification Free Routine74.9000 (10)
Teams Final76.4333 (9)
Free Combination Final75.9000 (10)


School, universityCourt Moor School, Fleet; Farnborough 6th Form College
Started competing2014
Language(s) spokenEnglish
Club nameReading Royals Synchronised Swimming Club, Farnborough, Hampshire
CoachLouise Ross
Major sporting achievements

2014 ECh, free combination - 8th, team - 10th | NCh - figures - 4th, team 1st | 2013 NCh, solo - 1st, duet - 1st, team - 1st, free combination - 2nd | 2012 - duet tech - 4th, team - 1st, free combination - 1st

Key: OG = Olympic Games | YOG = Youth Olympic Games |WCh = World Championships | WJCh = World Junior Championships | ECh = European Championship | EJCh = European Junior Championships |NCh = National Championships | NJCh = National Junior Championships

Most memorable performance

Being British champion for solo, duet, team and overall British champion at the British Gas Synchronised Swimming Championships 2013.

Additional information / What would you like people to know about you?

I used to do speed swimming, but started to find it boring so I started a synchronised swimming course at my local leisure centre, and then went on to join my local club (Rushmoor), the best club in the country. My international debut was the team event in Paris, France. First and favourite Olympic memory was the amazing atmosphere of everyone being cheerful and wanting GBR to do well at the 2012 Olympic Games. My preferred discipline is figures. Superstition is to listen to a metronome before I do my figures and read my notes. I had two stress fractures in my right foot (December 2013, June 2014) and was out for nine weeks. My mum, my hero, has been my biggest influence. She has always been there for me to take me wherever I need and supported me through everything. Most proud of being captain of the England squad and winning gold in figures, duet and team in Croatia 2012. If I wasn't an athlete, I'd take part in more enrichment/volunteering activities at college. My favourite food is chicken caesar salad. It would be an incredible experience to represent my country at the European Games. The opportunity makes me have a goal to strive for and then a memory to cherish.

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