Great Britain
Date of Birth02/01/1999 - Sheffield (GBR)
Height180 cm/5'11"
100m Freestyle Heats56.59 (3)
4x100m Freestyle Relay Heats3:50.03 (1)
100m Freestyle Semifinals56.61 (3)
4x100m Freestyle Relay Final 3:45.80 (3)
4x100m Freestyle Relay Heats3:38.66 (2)
100m Freestyle Final56.94 (5)
4x100m Freestyle Relay Final 3:32.65 (2)
200m Freestyle Heats2:03.44 (2)
4x100m Medley Relay Heats4:13.43 (1)
4x100m Medley Relay Final 4:09.10 (3)
50m Freestyle Heats26.78 (7)
50m Freestyle Semifinals
50m Freestyle Semifinals
4x200m Freestyle Relay Heats8:14.76 (1)
4x200m Freestyle Relay Final 8:04.84 (3)


School, universityFirth Park Academy, Sheffield
Started competing-
Language(s) spokenEnglish, German
Club nameCity of Sheffield Swim Squad Limited, Sheffield
CoachRuss Barber

Shopping, reading, and swimming of course

Major sporting achievements

2014 NCh, 100m freestyle (Jr.) – 5th, 200m freestyle (Jr.) – 5th | 2014 NCh (15/16 yrs), 50m freestyle – 7th, 100m freestyle – 4th, 200m freestyle – 3rd | 2014 British International Meet (Jr.) , 50m freestyle – 3rd, 100m freestyle - 1st, 200m freestyle - 1st | 2013 EYOF - 2nd (2x), 3rd - all relays

Key: OG = Olympic Games | YOG = Youth Olympic Games |WCh = World Championships | WJCh = World Junior Championships | ECh = European Championship | EJCh = European Junior Championships |NCh = National Championships | NJCh = National Junior Championships

Most memorable performance

Participating in the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) 2013 in Utrecht, Netherlands. This was the first international multi-sport event that I had participated in and came home with 2 silver and 1 bronze medal in the relay team events.

Additional information / What would you like people to know about you?

Initially I just wanted to learn to swim and be safe in the water for holidays. Lots of favourite Olympic memories: Michael PHELPS (USA) in 2008 (8 gold), Super Saturday in 2012 (ENNIS, FARAH, RUTHERFORD, all GBR), Kelly HOLMES (GBR) in 2004 (double Olympic champion). First Olympic memory was as a five year old, staying up late twice to watch Kelly HOLMES win two Olympic gold medals. True inspiration. My preferred discipline is 200m freestyle. Superstition is to shave everywhere and make sure favourite music is on iPod. Ignore everyone in holding room prior to race. My sporting hero is Michael PHELPS (USA) as he has achieved so much and looks as if there's still plenty more to come. This guy is unbelievable. If I wasn't an athlete, I'd have more free time. Would like to think I would participate in extra-curricular activities at school, mainly sport. My favourite food is chicken lasagne and rice pudding.

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