Great Britain
Date of Birth13/12/1999 - Southport (GBR)
Height176 cm/5'9"
200m Butterfly Heats2:12.07 (1)
4x100m Freestyle Relay Heats3:50.03 (1)
200m Butterfly Semifinals2:12.69 (3)
800m Freestyle Fastest Heat 8:39.02 (1)
4x100m Freestyle Relay Final 3:45.80 (3)
400m Freestyle Heats4:16.53 (3)
400m Freestyle Final4:13.17 (4)
200m Butterfly Final2:15.66 (8)
100m Butterfly HeatsDNS
200m Freestyle Semifinals2:02.02 (2)
200m Freestyle Final2:02.24 (7)
4x200m Freestyle Relay Heats8:14.76 (1)
4x200m Freestyle Relay Final 8:04.84 (3)


School, universityStanley High School, Southport
Started competing-
Language(s) spokenEnglish
Club nameStockport Metro, Southport, Stockport, Southport
CoachSean Kelly, Mark Patrickson

Horse riding, netball, skiing

Major sporting achievements

2014 EJCh, 800m freestyle – 5th, 800m freestyle – 2nd | 2013 EYOF (Utrecht)

Key: OG = Olympic Games | YOG = Youth Olympic Games |WCh = World Championships | WJCh = World Junior Championships | ECh = European Championship | EJCh = European Junior Championships |NCh = National Championships | NJCh = National Junior Championships

Most memorable performance

Winning a silver medal at the 2014 European Juniors

Additional information / What would you like people to know about you?

My dad was a swimming coach and he had his own swimming school and I used to join in classes after school. My preferred discipline is freestyle. I train eight x two hour swimming sessions, and three x one hour in the gym. Most influential person is my dad - he has always encouraged and inspired me. My hero is Michael PHELPS (USA) because he is so talented in so many disciplines and has been top of his sport for so long. If I wasn't an athlete, I'd spend more time riding my pony.

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