IRWIN Cicely
Great Britain
Date of Birth13/10/1999
Group - Balance Qualification 28.190 (3)
Group All-Around Qualification - Balance Exercise
Group - Dynamic Qualification 28.040 (4)
Group All-Around Qualification - Dynamic Exercise
Group All-Around Final 25.520 (9)
Group - Balance Final 25.800 (6)
Group - Dynamic Final 27.690 (6)


NicknameCic or Cicels
School, universityLady Eleanor Holles School, Hampton
Started competing2014
Language(s) spokenEnglish
Club nameRichmond Gymnastics Association, Richmond, Surrey
CoachMelanie Sanders
Major sporting achievements

2014 WCh (Levallois) – 7th in qualifications | NCh – 1st | World Cup (Maia) – 2nd | World Cup (Limes) 4th | 2013 ECh – 2nd (3 X) | NJCh – 1st

Key: OG = Olympic Games | YOG = Youth Olympic Games |WCh = World Championships | WJCh = World Junior Championships | ECh = European Championship | EJCh = European Junior Championships |NCh = National Championships | NJCh = National Junior Championships

Most memorable performance

Winning three silver medals at the European Championships as junior in 2013

Additional information / What would you like people to know about you?

I was taken to a mother and toddler gymnastics class by my mum at a very young age and I have just never stopped doing gym since then. My international debut was the Maia World Cup in Portugal in 2014. Favourite Olympic memory is watching the GB artistic gymnastics in the London 2012 Olympics. Most influential person is my coach Mel, without whom I wouldn't be where I am today. Most proud of when we found out after our combined routine at the European Championships that we had won our first silver all-around medal - we all jumped up and hugged. I am still at school full time. If I wasn't an athlete, I would be doing some kind of sport, even if it wasn't acrobatics - I cannot really see myself doing anything else. To be in the European Games would mean the world to me as it would mean I have reached my full potential as a gymnast and that I would have competed at the highest level in the biggest competition possible.

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