MCCOY Verity
Great Britain
Date of Birth06/11/1998
Height175 cm/5'9"
Preliminary Round Group AGreeceGRE 20 - 2 GBRGreat Britain
Preliminary Round Group AGreat Britain GBR 8 - 10 GERGermany
Preliminary Round Group ANetherlandsNED 19 - 6 GBRGreat Britain
Preliminary Round Group AGreat BritainGBR 13 - 9 ISRIsrael
Preliminary Round Group AHungaryHUN 16 - 4 GBRGreat Britain
Quarterfinal 7-12Great Britain GBR 3 - 11 SRBSerbia
Classification 11-12Great BritainGBR 10 - 5 ISRIsrael


School, universitySt. Edwards College, Liverpool
Started competing-
Language(s) spokenEnglish
Club nameCity of Liverpool
CoachGordon D'Acre, Joanne Mountfield, Anthony McGuiness

Going to concerts

Most memorable performance

ASA Junior finals 2014 against Manchester. I scored an equaliser, which was the first time we had been level with them. We then went on to win the final, and I was the youngest player in the team.

Additional information / What would you like people to know about you?

I was a member at my first swimming club from the age of four and was swimming competitively up until age 11. This is when I joined senior school and began playing water polo; as soon as I started I knew this was the sport for me. My superstition is to wear an odd numbered hat - usually 3 or 13. Most influential person is Joanne MOUNTFIELD (GBR, coach). This is because she has given me so many opportunities to enable me to get where I am today. She is the reason I play water polo. My proudest moment would be when I played in the 4 Nations tournament in Germany 2014. The British national anthem music would not play, and so the whole team sang it, in time and together. This was everyone’s first experience and brought us all closer together. My hero is Tom DALEY (GBR). I find his commitment to sport admirable and inspirational, and I hope in the future I can achieve similar success. If I wasn't an athlete, I'd be a psychologist. Since I began playing water polo, my main aim was to achieve a place in the European Games. It would mean so much to me, as I have worked very hard, and sacrificed the average teenage social life to get to the standard that I am currently at.

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