Great Britain
Date of Birth30/09/1998 - Liverpool (GBR)
Height175 cm/5'9"
Preliminary Round Group AGreeceGRE 20 - 2 GBRGreat Britain
Preliminary Round Group AGreat Britain GBR 8 - 10 GERGermany
Preliminary Round Group ANetherlandsNED 19 - 6 GBRGreat Britain
Preliminary Round Group AGreat BritainGBR 13 - 9 ISRIsrael
Preliminary Round Group AHungaryHUN 16 - 4 GBRGreat Britain
Quarterfinal 7-12Great Britain GBR 3 - 11 SRBSerbia
Classification 11-12Great BritainGBR 10 - 5 ISRIsrael


School, universityWest Kirby Grammar School
Started competing-
Language(s) spokenEnglish
Club nameLiverpool Water Polo Club
CoachGordon D'Acre, Joanne Mountfield, Anthony McGuiness

Practising mindfulness meditation, baking, open water swimming

Most memorable performance

My most memorable achievement would have to be winning the 2014 national age groups tournament with Liverpool

Additional information / What would you like people to know about you?

I started participating in water polo because at my swimming club there was a session for the men's team after my swim session, and I always wanted to get in because it looked better than just swimming up and down. One day me and a friend got in with them and I have loved it ever since. Joanne MOUNTFIELD (GBR) has always been my biggest influence in my sporting career because of her commitment and enthusiasm for the sport that I love. I am most proud of going to Germany with GB in August 2014 for a 4 nation’s tournament. My hero is Fiona McCANN (GBR). She's such an inspiring player and role model because of her dedication and love for the sport. If I wasn't an athlete, I'd I would still be a committed club water polo player because it is my passion, but I would like to take my coaching qualifications and promote water polo and other sports and healthy active lifestyles to kids. My favourite food is nachos. The opportunity to represent my country at the European Games means everything to me; playing alongside the girls I've been training with for years through everything and the team spirit were developing, is huge to me.

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