WOOD Abbie
Great Britain
Date of Birth02/03/1999 - BUXTON (GBR)
Height165 cm/5'5"
400m Individual Medley Heats4:45.61 (1)
400m Individual Medley Final 4:41.97 (1)
200m Breaststroke Heats2:29.03 (2)
4x100m Medley Relay Heats4:13.43 (1)
4x100m Medley Relay Final 4:09.10 (3)
200m Individual Medley Heats2:17.28 (2)
100m Breaststroke HeatsDNS
4x100m Medley Relay Heats3:58.25 (2)
200m Individual Medley Semifinals2:15.34 (2)
4x100m Medley Relay Final 3:52.03 (2)
200m Individual Medley Final 2:14.49 (3)


School, universityBuxton Community School, Buxton, Derbyshire
Started competing-
Language(s) spokenEnglish
Club nameDerventio Excel Swim Squad and Buxton Swimming Club, Derby and Buxton, Derbyshire
CoachAndi Manley


Major sporting achievements

2014 NCh (15/16), 200m breaststroke – 2nd, 200m IM – 1st, 400m IM - 1st | 2013 EYOF (Utrecht), 200m breaststroke – 1st, 200m IM – 2nd, 400m IM – 1st, 4x100m medley relay – 2nd"

Key: OG = Olympic Games | YOG = Youth Olympic Games |WCh = World Championships | WJCh = World Junior Championships | ECh = European Championship | EJCh = European Junior Championships |NCh = National Championships | NJCh = National Junior Championships

Most memorable performance

Winning 2 gold medals at the European Youth Olympic Festival

Additional information / What would you like people to know about you?

I started swimming because my mum and my sister swam, so I spent a lot of time around the pool and took a liking to it. My preferred discipline is 200m IM, 400m IM, 200m breaststroke. I train nine sessions x two hours. My most influential person is my dad, because he is my biggest fan and drives me hours on end to training. I am most proud of winning two gold medals at the European Youth Olympic Festival when representing Great Britain. If I wasn't an athlete, I'd be able to concentrate more on my academic studies. Competing at the European Games means seeing a new country and culture, meeting many successful and interesting people in a range of sports and having the chance to compete for Great Britain again.

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