100m Freestyle Heats55.18 (1)
4x100m Freestyle Relay Heats3:47.65 (1)
100m Freestyle Semifinals55.26 (1)
4x100m Freestyle Relay Final 3:43.63 (1)
400m Freestyle Heats4:14.95 (1)
4x100m Freestyle Relay Heats3:36.36 (1)
400m Freestyle Final 4:08.81 (1)
100m Freestyle Final 54.45 (2)
4x100m Freestyle Relay Final 3:30.30 (1)
4x100m Medley Relay Heats4:09.96 (1)
200m Freestyle Semifinals1:59.42 (1)
4x100m Medley Relay Final 4:03.22 (1)
4x100m Medley Relay Heats3:56.14 (1)
200m Freestyle Final 1:58.22 (1)
4x100m Medley Relay Final 3:49.53 (1)
4x200m Freestyle Relay Heats8:22.43 (4)
4x200m Freestyle Relay Final 8:03.45 (1)


School, university-
Started competing-
Language(s) spokenRussian
Club nameOlimp
CoachAvdeyev Vladimir
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