Status: Official
RankRkAthleteMarkRecordTeam Points
1Azerbaijan BEJI C 10:30.58GR14 +
2Republic of Moldova SMOVJENCO O 10:55.61PB13 +
3Bosnia and Herzegovina ZUKIC R 10:59.7612 +
4Israel LEVIN D 11:02.57SB11 +
5Austria HUBER S 11:09.2210 +
6Slovakia BELOVA K 11:11.349 +
7Georgia DEKANADZE G 11:23.188 +
8Malta CAMILLERI M 11:28.28PB7 +
9Luxembourg WEILER L 11:41.55PB6 +
10Montenegro TODOROVIC L 12:28.105 +
-The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia STOJANOVSKA M DNS0 +
* Estimated time. The schedule is subject to change. Order of play to be confirmed.
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