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Maja Wloszczowska

Maja Wloszczowska
Maja Wloszczowska

Maja Wloszczowska is a Polish mountain biker. With an MSc in Mathematical finance Maja has managed to combine an academic career with a sporting one, having consistently achieved in her field. In 2008 she took the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics and won the World Champion title in 2010.  Maja will be competing in this summer’s Mountain Bike event at the Baku 2015 European Games.


We work on 3 things: endurance, strength and speed.”-Maja Wloszczowska

Greatest Sport Achievements:

World Champion in 2010


How did you first become involved in your sport?

I owe it to my mum. We would always spend our spare time in an active way. In summer we were riding bicycles, in winter skiing. Neither myself, nor my mum ever thought that I could practice sport as a professional sportswoman. Studying was always the most important for me. In 1996 and in 1997 together with my family we participated in Family Cup - a sport event for amateurs. In 1997 I won the national finals and the coach of Śnieżka Karpacz sports club asked me to come for a training session. I hesitated a bit but few people talked me into trying it. I went for my first training session and from then on I never missed one. I started to win more important races and since winning it has become addictive…

What was one of your best competitions and why?

UCI MTB World Championships in Champery (SUI) 2011. I had a lot of pressure because I had changed my coach just a few months earlier which not everyone liked. I was in a great shape, leading the race together with Canadian Catherine Pendrel. In the middle of the race I had a puncture and lost over 1.5 minutes and 5 positions (to get to the technical zone and change the wheel). But I did not give up. Having great motivation I managed to get back in the game. I didn’t win the race, but finishing second I felt like a winner.

Do you have any pre-game or pre-competition rituals or superstitions?

No superstitions. Sometimes my mum writes to tell me that she already knows that I’ll win or get 2nd, and the result is always exactly as she said! I wish that she could write more often about victories.

Rituals yes. In the evening before the race I carefully watch the video of the race course, paying attention to important corners, roots, rocks etc. To get more relaxed I drink a small beer (yes I do!). In the morning before the start every minute is planned (breakfast, packing, warm up) so there is no time to get stressed. I also listen to my favourite-motivating music on my warm-up.

What are your aspirations for your sport?

To win everything there is to win :) But first of all to have joy from doing the sport. Mountain biking is really fun and I would never like to lose that. It’s more important than victories.

Favourite food?


Favourite hobby?

Riding a bike, travelling, getting to know to the new countries and people.

Favourite place in the world?

Jelenia Gora, Poland



Sport Cycling
Discipline Mountain Bike
Age 32
Height (cm) 170
Weight (kg) 55
Birthplace Poland

Baku 2015 Mountain Bike

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