Semifinal 1 Results

Status: Official
14Hungary KARASZ A / VAD N 1:39.021QF +
27Slovakia KMETOVA I / KOHLOVA M 1:39.875QF +
35Spain VARELA A / CONTRERAS I 1:40.002QF +
43Great Britain BELCHER L / HANNAH A 1:40.168X +
52Italy MURABITO N / CAMPANA S 1:43.297X +
66Ukraine HORLOVA A / GALUSHKO L 1:44.501X +
78Portugal ALDEIAS M / CABRITA M 1:45.437X +
81Turkey BATES E / ESTEVES I 1:46.903X +
* Estimated time. The schedule is subject to change. Order of play to be confirmed.
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