Status: Official
RankRkAthleteResultQualification Mark
1Russian Federation SHLEIKHER N 520.65Q +
2Great Britain LEE M 514.45Q +
3Russian Federation EFREMOV B 483.15Q +
4France JANDARD A 462.10Q +
5Italy BARBU V 442.20Q +
6Great Britain DIXON M 441.60Q +
7Germany LE NGUYEN CAO-TRE 439.30Q +
8Belarus BAROUSKI A 413.00Q +
9Ukraine NAUMENKO Y 411.20Q +
10Azerbaijan DANILOV A 407.45Q +
11Bulgaria ISAEV D 392.15Q +
12Turkey GUR K 391.25Q +
13Romania RONTU A 388.40R +
14Denmark CHRISTENSEN M 387.10R +
=15Ukraine KRYVOPYSHYN N 378.25 +
=15Spain SOCORRO RAMOS J P 378.25 +
17Italy D'ALESSANDRO S 359.30 +
18Poland SAWICKI K 343.50 +
19Netherlands FAATZ P 334.45 +
20Romania ANDREI M 304.60 +
* Estimated time. The schedule is subject to change. Order of play to be confirmed.
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