• National Stadium

    Where the grand opening ceremony for the first European Games will be held on the 12th of June 2015 Visit
  • Be amongst the stars

    Play a part in making history by being a volunteer performer in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies Apply Now
  • Situated at the crossroads of East and West

    Azerbaijan offers a harmonious combination of history, culture and beauty with a modern capital city of Baku Azerbaijan
  • Archery

    With origins in hunting and fighting, this sport will take place from the 16th – 22nd of June 2015 Sports

BAKU 2015 The first European Games

Welcome to the Baku 2015 European Games – the first ever major multi-sport event for the entire continent. Baku 2015 will be a celebration of elite sport in the capital city of Azerbaijan, a modern and dynamic European destination. The European Games will bring together more than 6,000 of the continent’s finest athletes over 17 days of competition, in an exciting range of traditional and innovative sports. Join us on an exciting journey that will unite the people of Europe to see who will write their names into history as the first ever European Champions!

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Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and President of the National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan

I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the adoption of this decision, to express our gratitude to the European Olympic Committees. I want to indicate that the Games will be held at a high level. Thus, Baku will go down in the history of the European Olympic Committees for its contribution to the hosting of the First European Games.

Patrick Hickey

President of the European Olympic Committees

The European Games have been talked about for decades. The EOC has decided that now is the time for Europe to have its continental Games. So, for the benefit of the athletes of Europe we are very pleased to welcome everyone to the first European Games in June of 2015 in the vibrant and beautiful seaside city of Baku, Azerbaijan. These games will reflect the energy and unity of Europe and bring new and meaningful competitions to our athletes as well as bind the European NOCs together with one common goal.

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