Quick to sell out in any Games, the Aquatics programme at Baku 2015 will include diving, swimming, synchronised swimming and water polo.
With a centuries-old tradition in the region, archery is sure to be a popular event in Baku. Crowds can expect some spellbinding shooting from Europe’s finest.
The spectacular National Stadium will be the setting for the 20 men’s and women’s track and field events that will also be the European Athletics Team Championships Third League.
Fans can look forward to seven days of high-energy sport in sessions of men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles.
Basketball 3x3
Relatively new on the scene, Basketball 3x3 will take place at a temporary arena at the Aquatics precinct. Tickets will be in high demand to see the Azerbaijani medal hopefuls.
Beach Soccer
Azerbaijan’s beautiful coast makes it the ideal setting for FIFA’s well-loved variant that combines all the fun of the beach with all the improvisation skills of football played on sand.
Adrenalin will run high over a 12 day period in the Crystal Hall, where competitors will test their strength, speed and reflexes to the limit.
Canoe Sprint
The oldest discipline of canoeing, canoe sprint, provides the perfect setting to follow exciting race-offs while soaking up the outdoors.
The BMX Velopark and Mountain Bike Velopark will host BMX and mountain bike. Time-trial and road race will take place on the roads of Baku.
Competitive fencing has been a part of Azerbaijan’s sport tradition throughout recorded history. Expect the bouts to be fast and furious!
The National Gymnastics Arena will host the disciplines of Artistic, Rhythmic, Acrobatic, Aerobic and Trampoline, where competitors will strive to outdo each other in flexibility, agility and pure daring.
Requiring athletes to be at the pinnacle of mental rigour and physical dexterity, this full-contact combat sport will take place at the Heydar Aliyev Sports Arena.
Close to 100 competitors will compete at the Crystal Hall, in what is fast becoming one of Europe’s most popular sports.
Baku Shooting Centre will be completely upgraded for the Games. As this will be an event with guaranteed Olympic qualification, the suspense will be intense.
Table Tennis
Quick fire volleys and lightning reaction times, there is never a dull moment in table tennis. Men’s and women’s competitions will take place at Baku Sports Hall.
Taekwondo translates as 'the art of hand and foot fighting', and requires steely determination, focus and physical prowess.
Baku’s triathlon route promises plenty of opportunity for spectators to watch one of the world’s toughest endurance sports.
Some of Europe’s brightest stars in both Beach and Indoor Volleyball will be giving their best in front of crowds at the Beach Arena and Baku’s iconic seafront landmark, Crystal Hall.
Wrestling has a devoted local fan base. Competition in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman disciplines will give talented athletes the chance to be European champion and qualify for the Olympics.