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SMULDERS (NED) hits brakes on BMX ambitions at Baku 2015

Quotes from London 2012 bronze medalist Laura SMULDERS (NED) after finishing fifth in the women's BMX final at the Velopark at the Baku 2015 European Games on Sunday.


On what happened in the final:

"My start was not as good as on Friday. In the training just before the race today my start was also good, but in the final I just missed that little something you need to gain a top result."

On why she fell behind:

"The French girl (Magalie POTTIER) passed me. We were already touching each other and for me there was no room to go inside because on the other side they were also very close to me. I was in the middle and I decided to use the brakes. You don't want to jump in the middle and crash, especially not in my position. There are still three very important tournaments to come."

"It would have been great if I would have had a better final and because I did so well on Firday, this final was a disappointment. But I have to be satisfied. On Friday, I twice beat the girl who won the gold today. I have the right form, I just have to perform better in the final."

On if the race is over when you have to use the brakes right after the start:

"Yes, it's either over or else everyone has to crash. In this race, three girls crashed and when I saw that I started to accelerate again, you never know. But I finished fifth, nothing more was possible."

On the strength of her knee, which she injured earlier in the year:

"The knee was a bit stiff and painful yesterday, maybe it would have been better for me to have the finals after the motos on Friday, then you're already in some sort of flow. Now we only had a final and we're not used to that."

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