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VAN GORKHOM (NED) and MIR (FRA) in men's BMX final "elbow fight"

Quotes from Jelle VAN GORKOM (NED) and Amidou MIR (FRA) after the Baku 2015 European Games men's BMX final at the BMX Velopark on Sunday.


On why he crashed:

"I had quite a good start, which had not been so good this weekend, so I'm happy with that. But to my left there was a French guy (Amidou MIR) and straight from the start we were in an elbow fight. I was launched lop-sided at the first jump and then you know it's over."

On what he thought during the crash: 

"It happens in a split-second and you don't really think very much. I got up and I saw that I was the only one who had crashed, so it was of no use to hurry up. I would not be able to catch up, because it's such a quick game."

On what he felt after the crash:

"I got up, was not injured except for some grazes. Then you feel lousy."

On the overall experience at the Baku 2015 European Games:

"I started lousy in the tournament. The time difference got me in trouble a bit, despite the fact that it's only three hours. So I started out slow, but today there was more pressure and along the way you get in the flow, but it was not the flow to win."

On the importance of the Baku 2015 European Games:

"It's a very big event. There are many good athletes. It's a C1 category race, so we can get some points for Rio, which is important. But European championships and world championships are more important to us."

On his form looking ahead to the world championships in July: 

"Semifinals were good. So I'm happy with that because it's the confirmation that my form is good. Hopefully we're looking ahead at a beautiful month."

Amidou MIR (FRA)

On his race: 

"I had a good start, but I hit another rider on the first jump and I lost all my speed. On the first turn I took the inside, and I lost all my speed again. On the third line I got my speed back and I was fourth, then I touched my break and I lost my speed again and I finished sixth, but it's OK. That's BMX, that's the race, I'm happy with my result"

On winner and compatriot Joris DAUDET (FRA): 

"He is the best French rider. I would like to win, but it's difficult. I'm happy for him."

On the level at the Baku 2015 European Games:

"Every rider here is strong. There were three people here who were in the Olympic Games in London."

On his ambitions:

"I would like to go to the Olympic Games in Rio (2016), but I have to train hard. France will send two riders and at the moment I'm No2."

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