Schedule & ResultsSwimmingFriday, June 26th

Women's 50m Freestyle Heats
Men's 50m Backstroke Heats
Women's 100m Backstroke Heats
Men's 200m Freestyle Heats
Women's 200m Individual Medley Heats
Men's 100m Butterfly Heats
Women's 100m Breaststroke Heats
Men's 100m Breaststroke Heats
Mixed 4x100m Medley Relay Heats
Men's 800m Freestyle Heats
Women's 50m Freestyle Semifinals
Men's 50m Backstroke Semifinals
Women's 100m Backstroke Semifinals
Men's 100m Butterfly Semifinals
Women's 200m Individual Medley Semifinals
Men's 200m Freestyle Semifinals
Women's 100m Breaststroke Semifinals
Men's 200m Backstroke Final
Women's 200m Freestyle Final
Men's 100m Breaststroke Semifinals
Women's 100m Butterfly Final
Men's 800m Freestyle Fastest Heat
Women's 50m Freestyle Final
Men's 50m Backstroke Final
Mixed 4x100m Medley Relay Final
Women's 100m Breaststroke Semifinals
There are no Swimming events for this day.
* Estimated time. The schedule is subject to change. Order of play to be confirmed.
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