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Cycling BMX

Olympics Day 12 - Cycling - BMX

When bicycles were introduced in the 19th century no one could have guessed they would become this popular. After becoming one of the principal means of transportation it had a tremendous effect on people. As a result it soon became one of the trendiest sports of all time. BMX is another discipline of Cycling that will be a part of Baku 2015 Games. Ranking points will be available in BMX Cycling for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

BMX, which is short for bicycle motocross, began to take off in 1960s California, around the same time that motocross became popular in the United States. It continued to have success in the following decades and became more recognised in mainstream competitions, eventually joining the Olympic sport programme at the Beijing 2008 Games. The BMX Cycling competition at Baku 2015 will see 32 men and 16 women take to the outdoor track at the new BMX Velopark venue. Riders normally race around a track built up of jumps, bumps and tightly banked corners.

The competition begins on 26 June, with the men’s and women’s final runs both taking place on 28 June 2015. The first rider to cross the finish line wins the race. The competition will take place in BMX Velopark - a permanent venue built for the Baku 2015 European Games, and it will remain after the Games. Located close to the Baku city centre, the venue will form part of the Western Venues.



Qualification places for BMX Cycling will be determined based on the International Cycling Union (UCI) Nations Rankings.


Medal events

Men Women
BMX Race BMX Race


Facts and figures

  • The International BMX Federation was founded in April of 1981. The first world BMX championship took place the following year.
  • Sting Ray was the name of the first BMX bike.
  • The BMX bikes are designed in such a way that the handle bars can help keep riders upright regardless of the stunts carried out. They are smaller sized than regular bikes but have a very strongly built frame. In BMX Cycling , the majority of riders use wheels that are only 20 inches in diameter – about two-thirds the size of the wheels frequently used by standard road bicycles
  • Reigning Olympic champion is Maris Stromberg from Latvia. His Olympic title in London was prolonged after the gold medal won in Beijing. This makes him the undefeated Olympic champion for BMX until Rio2016.

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    Cycling BMX

    While the bicycle was initially introduced as a means of transportation and recreational activity…